Why is it worth taking advantage of our offer?

The global market is not only a market of information, commerce or services exchange, but first of all it is a market of cooperation, transfer of knowledge and technology. None is taken by surprise seeing the world where new technological concepts are created in one of the developed countries in Europe or America, and then their implementation and production takes place in other countries with more attractive economical and administrative environments – frequently they are referred to as developing countries. The present, global integration gives us such possibilities, offering quicker communication, easier transportation and simply unlimited exchange of services, knowledge and expertise. The process results in quicker development and increase of competitiveness, which in turn translates into increased profitability.

From this perspective Poland is just an ideal example of a country where it is worth investing!

Year after year Poland is more and more attractive as an investment market. Dominant factors are competitive employment conditions and costs, attractive tax rates (CIT at the rate of 19%) and low investment costs connected with real property purchases. Additionally, well qualified personnel, accessibility of European funds and special economic zones significantly drive the development of economy and entrepreneurship. The annual increase of foreign investments in Poland may serve as a confirmation of the above: according to BIZ factor, in 2011 a growth of 26% took place, while Polish GDP with its growth of 4,3% should not be ignored either, especially nowadays, when most of European countries are plunged in stagnation. Geographical location in the heart of Europe along with rapidly developing network of roads and motorways are additional trumps.

- Should you decide to develop your business activity on Polish market, what form of winning a business partner will you choose?

- Fairs? Consulting? Press? The Internet? Or perhaps government organisations’ support?

Each of the mentioned methods has its advantages, however, each is often associated with a risk of getting yourself in an inefficient stream of information, which results in a rather slim chance of finding the right partner. An optimum solution is an intermediate form which combines features of the mentioned methods, but also has a dominant advantage consisting in possibility of reaching precisely the right target group. At the same time the method retains attractive proportions between incurred expenses and achieved results. We all know perfectly well that only getting in touch with the chosen group who are interested in your offer can create a chance of achieving your objective.

Our offer is exactly such a solution!

Based on precise arrangements we analyse the market with utmost accuracy and pick out a target group of the most suitable companies or persons whose profiles meet the set requirements. At several stages preparations are made for the final meeting which enables a direct and efficient contact with a potential business partner.

Please feel invited to cooperate and take advantage of our services.

See you in Poland!


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